Understanding the News About Israel

Whenever conflicts with Israel's neighbors hit the news it is natural for people to think about the safety of traveling there. However it is probably safer to travel to Israel than to New York, Chicago or Washington, D.C. Israel has had these conflicts since its founding and it scarcely ever affects the safety of tourists visiting that great historic land. I have been to Israel twice and felt safe even while visiting Palestinian territory. Just like people continue to visit the USA despite reports of mass shootings and other disasters, there is always a risk in traveling anywhere but to live in fear is to miss out on the wonderful world out there with so much to see and discover. People kept coming to the USA even after 9/11. There is a risk you take just staying in your house. The key to enjoying life safely is to be careful but not fearful. Just use wisdom when you travel anywhere and follow the instructions of those who have experience.

Regarding our Israel trip, we need to hear from you  by Thursday August 7, 2014 if you are definitely planning to go. After that we will have to close the door and the same situation that applies for Greece will apply for Israel. We will try to include anyone wanting to go on a case by case basis.

Oh what fun it is to travel!

Discover the world with us and relieve yourself of the stress of the same old thing day after day.

Our trip to Israel is scheduled for November 10-18. Increase your knowledge and insight. Enjoy the spectacular views.

Go to the schedule at the bottom of this page to find a link to fliers, information sheets and sign up forms. Email us at mg@hightravels.net and let us know if you have questions or want more details about either of our group trips. Space is limited and will be given on a first come first served basis.

There is still a possibility to participate in the bus/cruise trip with On the Go With Lo to the Bahamas set for September 14-18 but we will have to give you a price based on the best that is available.
See our schedule of events at the bottom of the home page for available information on all of our trips.

Visit our Service page for a description of all the services we provide.


We had a great time in Israel. Above left: Ancient road where Jesus walked
Above right:  A pilgrim standing in front of the Museum of the Book where the Dead Sea scrolls are displayed

Below from left to right:

  • An actor demonstrates production of olive oil in Nazareth during the time of Jesus' earthly life
  • Portions of a decorated wall that dates back to the first century, in a vacation home built by King Herod
  • Travelers pose with a shepherd
  • Ladies board comfortable accommodations with free Wi-Fi on board
  • Floor of King Herod's steam room
  • Examining the empty tomb






2014 September 14-18 On the Go With Lo Cruise to the Bahamas
 Seats can only be purchased now based on best price available. Call or email us if you are interested.

2014 September 19-26 "Steps of Paul" trip to Greece - Contact us for current information!
here for a flier. For information or to register, click here.
2014 November 10-18 "Trip of a Lifetime" to Israel - REGISTRATION IN PROGRESS!
here for a flier. For information or to register, click here.

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High Travels Goes to Roxboro

I was invited to Roxboro, NC to participate in the grand opening of "Alive & Well."  Owner, Teresa Johnson, seen below, hosted a seminar about health issues, introducing her business to the local community.

I represented High Travels and discussed the health benefits of a vacation.
It was exciting to see people coming out and learning about  eating healthier, choosing supplements and the importance of taking time off to relax and be refreshed.


Let us help you book your cruise vacation!

Stop in port and take a horse and carriage ride for an interesting historical tour of downtown.

 You can take a photo in a borrowed straw hat and show your friends how you can look and act the part of a native drummer. Oh what fun it is! 

Didn't get to do a vacation last year?
Want to be sure you don't miss out this year?
Join the High travels Vacation Club. For $75 down and regular payments, you can prepare for a vacation next year.

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