We have a young pastor (male) who is interested in a roommate for the March 2016 Israel trip. Let us know if you are interested. Come go with us for the trip of a lifetime. See the schedule at the bottom of this page for details.                                                                                                                                                           

We have separate information for those traveling with us from the New York/Newark area.
 Email or call us for more information.

The Turkey Report

It was an amazing journey for the 16 travelers (pictured above on the shore at Troas where Paul was when he had the vision of a man from Macedonia calling for help) who embarked on a journey to the only country that straddles 2 continents! We began our rigorous trip that led us on walking trails and up and down hills as we discovered treasures from the past. Photos below show our arrival and events of the first evening in Istanbul. We arrived in Istanbul October 6 and, as is the High Travels custom, the ladies stood on the sidelines while the guys took the luggage off the carousel. After leaving the airport, we stopped on the way to the hotel and visited an ancient church to see some interesting frescoes that depicted stories about Jesus and the Bible. Our first hotel offered interesting meals. They were very big on presentation. The fellowship was great. 

At another place we visited for lunch, they brought our meat (fish) selections to the table instead of a menu for us to select before they cooked it. Traveling is always fun for the new cultures you get to experience.    

Cameras, cameras, cameras! It was hard to put them down - so many amazing sights. Everyone was trying to catch photos to share with family and friends. As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Look at this tree that was a few hundred years old. You would think it was dead by the looks of the trunk, but there were fresh leaves above it. As you can see by the photos, the hole was large enough to get several people inside
    1.         Touring an ancient palace was very interesting. We saw fireplaces unlike anything we had seen before. The walls were beautiful, and the way the tiles were made caused them to look new hundreds of years later. We later visited a pottery shop to learn how those tiles and other dishes were made to last forever. 

We visited a famous mosque called the "blue" mosque. All the ladies had to don headscarves to go inside. (below left)
One day we were crossing over a body of water and our bus just drove on to the ferry along with other vehicles and then drove off when we got to the other side. The middle picture below shows one of our travelers and our bus driver standing next to the bus on board the ferry. The photo on the right shows vehicles on board waiting to drive off on the other side.

We visited Troas where Paul had the vision of a man from Macedonia calling for help. We were on the shore where his ship would have come in. After entering the city of Alexandria, Troas, we came to a road where Paul would have traveled. Team members were excited to walk on the Roman road where Paul and other Bible characters walked.
Below left, see our guide (of Jewish background) in the black t-shirt who took us through the ruins of the 7 churches of Asia that are referred to in Revelation 2 and 3. We discovered ancient outdoor theaters, one of which is shown below center, and shopping centers. The one shown below right had a lower level that you can see a couple of our ladies walking through, perhaps imagining what they might be buying there (smile).
    1. More of the story to come, along with photos. Stay tuned.

On the Go with Lo & High Travels 2015 Bahamas Cruise Trip                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Eighteen travelers took part in our Bahamas Cruise trip September 12-17, 2015. We took 2 vans down to Jacksonville, Florida, boarded the Carnival Fascination and sailed to Nassau, Bahamas. In Nassau, we took a customized tour, looking in areas tourists are not normally shown. Stops included the places where I lived in Nassau, the new high rise hotel (Baha Mar) built by China - yet to be opened, a restaurant to sample Bahamian cuisine, and Junkanoo Beach where cruisers got a chance to meet a couple of my family members and sample bananas ripened on the tree in Nassau.
We stopped at a private island also and enjoyed a wonderful picnic and day at the beach. Photos show the group at dinner, a couple of us with the Maitre D on elegant night, 2 of our travelers who came from a long distance (Texas and Pennsylvania), and my sister with a couple of us at the beach. Linelle, seen on the left of the photo below right is the one who brought us ripe bananas straight from her tree. Group members enjoyed the rare opportunity. Most of us only eat bananas that were picked green, shipped to our city and ripened in the store or at our homes. 
 He is not there! He has risen as He said! Join us if you can on our next adventure in the Holy Land and see for yourself.

                                                 Marilyn Gool, Owner/Manager
                                                                  Member of CLIA
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The 2014 Trip of a Lifetime to the Holy Land was a tremendous success. Below are photos and a report.

We were welcomed with a banner in front of the hotel in Jerusalem. Below is a picture of our group in front of a statue of Elijah on Mt. Carmel. 
Above left,
we celebrated Pastor Anderson's birthday the first night with a delicious chocolate cake. In the center, a few of the ladies on the trip examine a model of the old city of Jerusalem which included the temple built by King Herod. On the right a member of the team examines and photographs a preserved ancient fishing boat dating back to the time of Christ. The boat was a 20th century find.
On the left and center, the men donned beanies to be allowed to go to the Wailing Wall and observe the Jewish men doing their rituals on the Sabbath.On the right, 6 members of the group are baptized in the Jordan River. Pastor Robyn Gool is assisted by Pastor Frederick Anderson Sr.
What a time we had on the Sea of Galilee (above left and center) where Jesus walked on the water and calmed the raging storm! A mountain goat seems to pose for a photo at En Gedi where David hid from Saul.

Several times we were able to stop at a fresh pomegranate juice stand. On the left you can see a gentleman making the juice and on the right Robyn samples it. Hmm! Delicious!

Pastor Gool officiated as two couples refreshed their marriage vows at a chapel in Cana of Galilee where Jesus performed His first miracle at a wedding feast.
Above left are Pride and Zebria Coffey who have been married for 16 years. On the right are Henry and Patricia Givens who have been married for 32 years. The couples and witnesses were excited and happy to participate in the ceremony.
This is how grown ups play in the mud! On the left, a few of our ladies cover their skin with mud from the dead Sea. On the right, 2 of the team members rinse off in the Dead Sea but leave on the face mud mask until time to shower. (The Dead Sea water is very irritating to the eyes so we were careful not to put the water on our faces.)
The Dead Sea has a high mineral content which gives it a lot of health benefits. If there are areas of skin that need healing, you can feel it burn in the water as the healing process begins. The high salt content also prohibits you from going under. You cannot drown there because you cannot sink. Above you can see me floating, partially sitting up in the water. Our skin was so soft and smooth after we finished. It felt like we had a mask and exfoliation treatment. 
It was a beautiful view (left) from atop Mt. Carmel as we looked down on the Valley of Armageddon where the final battle on earth will take place. We stood in the past, present and future. It was where Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal in the past. We were there in the present and we looked over at the place where our dispensation will come to a close in the future. Speaking of views, the center photo is a gorgeous view from Masada of the Dead Sea. On the right is part of an ancient piping system used to conduct water to where it was needed. 
Above are photos of inside of a spa of a summer home built by King Herod who reigned during the time of Christ.  There are still remnants of the original tile floor. There is enough left of the painting on the walls to be able to determine the original design. This spa included a steam room. It was amazing to see how talented and creative Herod was.               
                  The whole group with our guide on the far left in front of the Western (Wailing) Wall

Come go with me to Israel in March 2016. Email me for information - mg@hightravels.net.

                                                                    The Steps of Paul
Twelve of us went to Greece for "The Steps of Paul" tour. Below is a group photo with our tour guide who did an excellent job. We were in Athens visiting the Acropolis and Mar's Hill where Paul encountered Greek  philosophers and the altar to the "unknown god."
We stopped in Munich, Germany on the way to Greece visited the town square, had lunch and looked around a bit. Mr. Givens posed for a picture with a human statue. 
Come explore the world with us. Email me and request information about upcoming trips, help us choose the next trip or monitor our schedule at the bottom of this page. 

Zion Christian Center Celebrates Pastor's Birthday on a Cruise Ship 
High Travels helped Zion Christian Center located in Roxboro, NC take a 5-day cruise to the Bahamas to celebrate the pastor's 50th birthday. Pastor and Mrs. Johnson and 2 of their 3 children are pictured above on the beach in the Bahamas.
The group of 20 boarded the Carnival Fantasy in Charleston, SC August 3, 2015 and sailed to Nassau and Freeport, Bahamas. Here is what their daughter had to say about the cruise: 

"I had never been on a cruise before and was quite skeptical as to whether I would like it or not. To my surprise, I loved the experience! The food was good, entertainment was fun and everyone was full of joy and excitement. The thing that I appreciated the most was the thing that I feared the most, the view of water. I am not a fan of water, but this cruise gave me a new found love for it. The closer we were to our ports, the more my anticipation grew. From sunrise until the time for us to board the cruise ship again, I was on the beach. I enjoyed it more than I can express, but I have the sun burn to prove that I most definitely had a great time."                     





 November 23-28
Thanksgiving Cruise
Leave the work behind and let someone else cook, serve and clean up! (-:
Leaving Miami, FL and stopping in Grand Turk and the Dominican Republic (Contact us for additional information if you are interested.)
March 7-15
Registration is now in progress.
Cost is about $3909 pp from Charlotte, NC based on double occupancy. That price includes air, hotel, tips, most meals and insurance.
Contact us for an information about costs from New Jersey or for a form you can fill out to help us get you enrolled.


 September 15-22
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