High Travels

I am planning a senior trip to Israel for age 65 and older for 2020. We will allow younger than 65 if they are accompanying the person 65+, or have other reasons why this trip is more suitable for them than the regular type of tour.  This trip will be at a slower pace. Passengers must have mobility but the itinerary is designed for those who cannot move as quickly as most and need a little more time to get from place to place. It will require less climbing than normal. This is for those who really want to go to the Holy Land but hesitate because they feel they could not keep up with the group on a regular tour. 

One example of the difference is the Dead Sea visit. Instead of a long walk to the Dead Sea for a short dip, we will spend 2 nights in a hotel at the Dead Sea and allow time to enjoy the view and the water. If anyone gets in the water or swimming pool, they would not be in line for a shower because they would have their own room.

When we go to Bethlehem, we would be dropped off near the sites (Church of the Nativity and the Shepherd's Field) instead of a long walk uphill to get there. This trip is open to anyone who qualifies, so feel free to share with friends who may be interested. The dates are December 7-15, 2020 (should be less traffic than November which has become very very busy) and we will leave the USA from New York. Pricing should be available by the end of January, 2020 and we will send that information out after I get it. Meanwhile, let me know if you are interested and ask interested persons to contact me so I can get more details to them as they become available.